About Thailand slalom series

Welcome to the Thailand Slalom Series, the international freestyle and speed slalom competitions in Thaialnd !!
Manage by Thailand Freestyle Skater Association (THFSA)

The Thailand Slalom Series is a organize Slalom events in Thailand, Battle competitions, Classic style, Speed slalom, in order to calculate the WSSA Thailand Ranking and determine who are the best slalom skaters in the Thailand. we are a part of World Slalom Series, please visit www.worldslalomseries.com and www.wssaskating.com for more detail.

Organizer Contact:
We are certify from World Slalom Skaters Association

Suebsakul Prombanpong (suebsakul@frozwheels.com)
Rungnapa Sanchanthong (rungnapa@skate-plus.com)

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